Our mission : Allow everyone to respond to 100% reviews 5 times faster than before.

SoLike offers solutions for responding to customer reviews.
Behind these innovative solutions lies a story and a team that allow us to nurture great ambition.

About us

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Our story

Are customer reviews a blessing or a curse? That's the question we asked ourselves every morning, when the time came to respond to each of them. We knew: they're crucial to reputation and SEO. But when you're running a business, there's no shortage of requests. Therefore you are always postponing review response (Propbably because some of them are mostly posted by grumblers). You are wrong. But do you have the choice ? You don't have enough time for it, nor the budget to delegate this chore to someone else. That's how we came up with the idea: what if there was a digital solution sophisticated enough to perform this task without you having to worry about it?
Thus was born the first review response generator.

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Our values : Simplicity and relevance

We've built a solution that's simple, useful and accessible to everyone. Whether you're a computer whiz or not, our tool is perfect for everyone. The SoLike app and chrome extension have been designed to make the user experience as simple as possible. We're experts at responding to reviews. We attach great importance to the relevance of our responses.


Efficient team

The team is made up of specialists in content writing, artificial intelligence, web development, marketing and business development. Our commitment is limited only by our ambition to become the leader in review response generation.

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A word from the founder, Thibaut Seillier

"I've spent a long time working in customer service and revenue management for luxury hotel chains in Paris, Singapore and Geneva. My motivation and desire to succeed are such that I set myself a challenge: to enable everyone to respond quickly to all their opinions in all languages.
"We are proud to have been ⭐️ Winner of the Start-up Award at the FoodHotelTech in Paris⭐️
We enjoy a regular press coverage relaying news of our AI innovations.

They support us

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