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Review response generator SoLike  Appart'city


Customer Service Appart'City

"I would like to emphasize that the tool is very useful, the proposed turns of phrase are very well written and facilitate our daily answers. Moreover, the tool is easy to use and very intuitive"

Review response generator SoLike  Swixim

Caroline Goetz

Swixim international Real Estate

"We are delighted to collaborate with SoLike. A professional, dynamic and available team."

Review response generator SoLike  Golden Tulip

CĂ©line Director

Golden Tulip Sophia Antipolis

"Thanks to SoLike, the entire front desk team feels more comfortable responding to reviews. The translation of the reviews and the responses in English are very convenient."

Review response generator SoLike  baud Client

Vincent Chutin

Restaurant & hotel Baud Les collectionneurs

"For an establishment like ours, we need to respond to 100% of our reviews. SoLike allows us to do this in an efficient and qualitative way."


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In what scenarios or use cases is SoLike most effective?
What ensures the "high-quality" aspect of the generated content?

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Review response generator SoLike  FrenchTechReview response generator SoLike  initiative GenevoisReview response generator SoLike  Tendance HotellerieReview response generator SoLike  Strategie hotel

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