Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I save ?
How many languages do you cover ?
How is artificial intelligence applied to review responses ?
On which navigator does SoLike work ?
How do the credits work?
Does asking for a review change consume credit ?
How to update the "variables" included in the answers ?
How to change the suggested feeling (positive/negative)?
How do I change the proposed answer?
How do you add a feeling that the tool has not identified?
How to view your remaining credits ?
How to post the answers ?
How to recover your password ?
How to change your plan ?
Which payment methods are available ?
How to change your payment method ?
How does the billing work?
Who is Stripe, the company that handles payments for Review?
How to contact you ?
How do I stop my subscription ?
How do I delete my account and data ?
How can I download the chrome extension SoLike ?

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