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+1000 review response examples for booking extranet's Extranet platform allows owners and managers to control various aspects of their establishment, such as availability, rates, cancellation policies and descriptions. In addition, they can receive and manage reservations directly on the platform. This tool is essential for owners and managers, enabling them to increase online visibility and boost bookings.

How does work extranet?

In this article, we'll give you tips on how to get to grips with the platform quickly.

1/ Connecting to & main sections of the extranet

2/ How to encourage a customer to post a review on booking?

3/ What is the commission rate on

4/ How to respond to customer reviews on the booking extranet?

5/ +1000 review response templates

6/ How to use ChatGPT to respond to reviews?

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How to log in in to the admin

To access the Extranet, also known as "My Booking Account", you must first register as an owner or manager on the platform. Here's the registration process:

1. Go to the website and click on the "Become a partner" link.

2. Fill in the basic information required, such as your contact details and the details of your establishment.

3. Add detailed information about your establishment, such as photos, descriptions and facilities.

4. Set up availability, rates and cancellation policies for your establishment.

5. Check the information provided and submit your registration request.

6. Wait for confirmation from regarding the acceptance of your request. If accepted, you will receive an e-mail containing your Extranet login details.

7. Log in to the Extranet using your login details and start managing your inventory and receiving bookings directly on the platform.

It is important to note that may perform additional checks to ensure the quality and security of the establishments listed on its platform.

Main sections of the extranet

The extranet offers several key sections for vacation rental owners:

1. Dashboard: Displays essential information about your property's bookings and performance.

2. Calendar: Allows you to view your property's availability and update reservations.

3. Rates: Define rates according to dates and length of stay.

4. Description: Update the description of your establishment, including facilities, services and photos.

5. Policies: Define cancellation policies and stay conditions.

6. Comments: View customer comments and manage comments awaiting publication.

7. Reservations: allows you to view and manage pending and confirmed reservations.

These different sections offer you the opportunity to efficiently manage your property, optimize reservations and respond to all requests.

How to contact booking customer service?‍

Contact Booking customer service by mail‍

To contact Booking by mail, use the address: 📧

Alternatively, you can also use the Booking contact form to formulate your request.

Booking is an online platform where it is recommended to favor contacts via the internet.

Before submitting your requests, it's best to log in to your account. If you don't have an account, you'll need to provide your booking number to use the contact form. A Booking customer service representative will process your request and get back to you promptly. Be sure to write your text precisely and concisely to facilitate communication with the manager.

How to contact Booking customer service by phone?‍

You can get 24/7 assistance by contacting Booking customer service by phone.

To do this, call the free Booking number:

How to contact booking customer service by post?‍

Have you tried to contact Booking by the above methods, but to no avail? If so, don't hesitate to send a letter to the company at its postal address:


Postbus 1639

1000 BP Amsterdam


It's recommended to use thisto make a complaint or ask questions related to your trip. To ensure the security of your mail, it is best to send it by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. As the company's head office is in the Netherlands, it's best to write in English to make it easier for your correspondent to understand.

Contact Booking on social networks

Another alternative for contacting Booking customer service is to send messages on the brand's social networks: Twitter and Facebook.   In private messaging, you can ask your questions directly and an advisor will reply as soon as he or she is available.

Contact Booking for a complaint:

If you wish to file a complaint with Booking, there are several possible reasons why you might want to do so. In this case, it is advisable to contact Booking customer service to find solutions to your complaint. Customer service is there to listen to you and resolve any possible problems, such as:

- A request for a refund following the cancellation of your reservation.

- Dissatisfaction with the room services offered by certain hotels.

- A bad experience on the agency's official website.

- A hotel that doesn't match the description or meet your actual expectations.

- A missing or delayed refund.

After stating your case, it's important to provide as much supporting documentation as possible to substantiate your claim. Make sure you have invoices, booking numbers, flight numbers and e-mails exchanged with the company to hand.

If booking's complaints department doesn't get back to you or the explanations don't satisfy you, you have the right to appeal to the ombudsman. However, you must first have tried to resolve the disputes directly with Booking.

To use the services of the travel and tourism mediator offered by Booking, simply send a registered letter to the following address:

📌MTV Médiation Tourisme Voyage

BP 80 30375823

Paris Cedex 17

Please note that this is the address of the specific mediator offered by Booking.

How do you encourage a customer to post a good review on booking?

Reservation platforms enjoy a high profile in our particularly digitalized everyday lives. Today, 93% of customers use the Internet and booking sites to organize their stay, in particular to compare prices. In addition, more than 148.3 million consumers book a hotel, activity or tour package online, confirming the value of these solutions for accommodation providers.

These figures confirm the interest of these solutions for accommodation providers, as they help to improve the visibility of your establishment and increase sales. However, your presence on these platforms will come at a price.

You can keep costs down by encouraging customers to contact you directly. You can do this by relying on the same booking platforms, and in particular on customer reviews.

We at SoLike have been experimenting with this, and we'll share the successful phrases with you in this article.‍

Why encourage customers to book directly?‍

Google or Expedia are among the sites travelers in France and Europe use to organize their stay. Because of the features they offer, they are also considered Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

On average, these platforms charge a 15-20% commission on the nightly rate for each confirmed stay. For you, the hotelier, it's clear that direct booking saves you money. So you can reduce the amount you pay to these online agencies. For a room costing 60 euros, a customer who contacts you directly will save you an average of 9 euros.

For consumers, direct booking sometimes gives you access to preferential rates. In fact, you are free to set your own nightly rate on these online platforms. In general, hoteliers match the prices offered to online travel agencies. In some cases, the rate is cheaper when the customer contacts the establishment directly.‍

Our tips for multiplying direct bookings through booking sites‍

We ran a test at SoLike to find out if it's possible to get around the restrictions on online travel agencies. It's worth pointing out that these platforms don't allow you to leave your contact details on your profile.

Although they operate differently, Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Google have one thing in common. It's that customers can leave a review after their stay. You can respond to it. And that's not all.

And that's not all: responding to reviews can help you increase direct bookings. To do this, you can include one of the following phrases in the content:

- We'd love to welcome you back for your next stay in "Paris", visit us at https://www.sitehotel. com (For Booking and Google);

- We look forward to welcoming you again, you can also book directly with us to benefit from lower rates (For Google and TripAdvisor);

- We hope to see you again very soon, please visit our website for your next stay (For Booking, Google and TripAdvisor);

- We look forward to welcoming you again soon, please visit our website to book your next stay (For Booking, Google and TripAdvisor);

- Thank you for your visit, please do not hesitate to contact us at the "hotel number" for your next stay (For Booking, Google and TripAdvisor );

- We look forward to seeing you again, please do not hesitate to contact the hotel during your next stay to benefit from our best rates (For Booking, Google, TripAdvisor) ;

- See you soon! Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for your next stay so that we can best meet your needs (For Booking, Google and TripAdvisor);

- Our team looks forward to seeing you again, so please do not hesitate to visit our website to choose your next stay (For Booking, Google and TripAdvisor);

- Rest assured that we look forward to your next visit. Don't hesitate to call the hotel to arrange your next stays (For Booking, Google and TripAdvisor).

The test was carried out over three months. A period during which the responses did indeed remain online on the platforms mentioned.

réservation en direct
Direct bookings

How much commission does charge?‍ acts as an intermediary between customers and accommodation service providers. The platform agrees to list hotels, vacation rentals or other accommodation establishments.

Booking service providers are free to define their offers. It's up to you to specify the rates and availability. The price you enter will be the amount the customer has to pay, without any additional charges.

The platform then invoices the hotelier for the service rendered, and a commission is charged for all confirmed, non-refundable or partially refundable reservations. The percentage varies according to country, type of accommodation and location. The average is 15%.‍

Booking: Exactly how much does your presence on these booking platforms cost?

Having a web presence is now essential for attracting customers and boosting income. Having a website is a great help here. It will be combined with a listing on online travel agencies (OTAs) for tourism and hotel operators.

These platforms help optimize your visibility and multiply your chances of reaching your target clientele. The number of unique visitors reached 13.874 million on Booking in January 2020.

These sites operate and cost differently.‍

TripAdvisor and Google, two alternatives for listing your establishment for free‍

The service offered by TripAdvisor and Google can complement those of online travel agencies such as Booking or Expedia. Unlike the latter, they don't allow you to make a reservation. Instead, they are useful for optimizing the visibility of your offer.‍‍

TripAdvisor, an online travel guide

TripAdvisor doesn't actually have the status of an online travel agency. In fact, the platform was not designed as a booking site. Rather, it is an online travel guide. The aim is to help travelers easily find accommodation, restaurants and places of interest to visit in their destination country.

TripAdvisor's purpose is to guide tourists and vacationers. To this end, the platform places particular emphasis on customer reviews. These feedbacks serve as a guide for travelers in making their choices.

The booking function on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has had a booking service in place for several years. It allows users to book a room directly by staying on its site. It was developed with the help of platforms specialized in this type of service. You can register from your TripAdvisor account to benefit from this service. In this case, a commission applies, as is the case with Booking or Expedia. The percentage is around 15%.

Google My Business, a local referencing tool

The Google My Business service enables you to display an identification card for your establishment in search results. The listing is linked to Google Maps to direct your customers directly to your hotel. Users can leave reviews that will be visible on your listing. If you are present on a booking platform, the rates offered on these sites will be highlighted on your profile. If you can't book through Google, customers can follow the link to these online agencies. Alternatively, they can use the link to your website to make their booking.‍

What's the best way to promote your establishment outside booking sites?

There's no doubt that booking platforms have a real interest in terms of visibility. However, the commissions payable are problematic for hoteliers. If you want to increase your chances of direct bookings, you need a website with a booking engine to help you keep up with customers' habits and their tendency to organize their stays online.

A search engine optimization (SEO) campaign will help you achieve better positioning in search results. Google My Business will support your strategy to optimize local referencing.

The other alternative is based on social networks. A study by the American company Nielsen indicates that over 50% of customers go to these platforms for travel advice. What's more, you can use them to build a community around your brand. Maintain a relationship with your prospects and customers by interacting with them on a regular basis, but make sure you have a value proposition to encourage them to book directly.

This can be done by offering a great price. And if you need a skilled team to manage the relationship with your prospects and customers on social networks, you can count on SoLike. We can also take care of your reviews on online booking platforms, with answers automatically generated in 2 clicks.

How to respond to customer reviews on the booking extranet? ‍

Responding to reviews on Booking will help you improve your SEO. ‍‍

Turning your review responses into a sales tool

Booking or Expedia aren't just used for bookings. In many cases, travelers use them for information. Statistics show that 95% of travelers read online reviews before booking their stay. Their attention isn't just focused on the published feedback.

They also pay attention to the responses. You should also be aware that these sites have a moderation service that analyzes published content. You can override their restrictions by replying to reviews.‍‍

+1000 templates for replying to reviews on booking :‍

Here's how to quickly reply to all your reviews on Booking :‍

1/ After login on manager, click on "Guest Reviews" :

Guest reviews

2/ List of all published reviews

3/ Then click on "reply", a green button "Answewith SoLike" appears:

Result: In less than 10 seconds you've generated a perfect, error-free answer in the customer's language. Instead of the usual 4 minutes.

How to use ChatGPT to answer to your reviews ?

Other artificial intelligence can be used to respond to reviews, but it's laborious. Here's the proof:

Who can post a review on Booking?‍

The information provided by hoteliers is considered by the platform to be advertising. The possibility of leaving a comment on Booking is reserved for people who have booked on the site. You must have actually stayed at the establishment in question. In the event of cancellation, the owner is obliged to report it. The customer thus forfeits the right to publish a review on‍

The rating system on Booking‍

The rating is done in two stages on Booking:

‍1/ The customer first assigns an overall rating by choosing from a scale of 1 to 10. This reflects his or her feelings about the experience;

2/ By taking part in the survey, he or she can give a rating for the different services of the accommodation. They can express their feelings using emoticons.

Validation before publication of reviews‍

Reviews left on Booking are checked by the platform's moderators before publication. They ensure that the comment written complies with the rules and confidentiality policies on the site. The platform is particularly opposed to abusive or discriminatory comments. A comment, even a harsh one, will be published on the other hand as long as the content is appropriate.‍

The owners' right to reply ‍

The right granted to Internet users to publish reviews sometimes creates a certain apprehension among hoteliers. As with all review and booking platforms, Booking makes no attempt to block negative comments. Only reviews that go against the rules applied on the site are rejected. For accommodation owners, this approach is not without risk.

Many fear negative reviews from ill-intentioned people, be it a former employee or a competitor. To counter this, Booking also gives hoteliers and accommodation professionals the opportunity to respond to comments received. This response will be used to set the record straight in situations where this is necessary. It is also possible to report a comment and have it removed by moderators. This right can be used for false reviews written by people who have not even stayed at the establishment,or who have the intention to harm the establishment.

Steps to follow to delete a review on

Before sending the request, it's necessary to check that the published comment actually goes against the policies on the site.

This is the case when:‍

- The customer has not shown up for check-in or has been upgraded;

- There is a recipient error;

- The review comes from a competitor;

- The review includes blackmail messages, personal and confidential information.

Reporting is recommended if any of the above situations arise.

To do so, the hotelier must:

1. Log in to their account;

2. Go to the inbox;

3. Go to the "Customer comments" section;

4. Add any evidence as an attachment; written proof is required to report blackmail.

The platform will examine the request, but may not delete the comment depending on its team's assessment.

Sometimes it deletes only part of the review.

The lifespan of reviews on Booking

A review remains visible on Booking for three years. During this period, the site uses the rating given by the author to rank the establishment.

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