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23+ review response examples for lawyers

Review response examples for lawyers & attorneys

In today's digital era, online reviews hold a significant impact on businesses. Lawyers, in particular, can benefit or suffer from these reviews as potential clients often base their decisions on feedback reflected by them. As an attorney, responding to reviews is crucial not only in maintaining your reputation but also in winning new clients. Here are 23+ practical suggestions to help you craft better review responses that showcase professionalism and empathy.

Lawyers review response

Online tools for tracking & managing customer reviews

Google My Business:

This tool lets you manage reviews left on Google, one of the leading online review platforms. Here you can respond to reviews, monitor customer engagement statistics, and update your practice information.

Yelp for Business:

If your practice is listed on Yelp, Yelp for Business offers features for managing reviews, monitoring statistics and responding to reviews. It also lets you upload photos and update your profile details.


For lawyers, Avvo is an essential platform. You can claim your profile, answer customer questions and monitor reviews left by customers.


Respond quickly and easily to all your customer reviews. SoLike is a response generator for your customer reviews. It offers a free version so you can test your reviews.

Lawyer Positive Review response

Positive Review Responses for attorneys & lawyers

It's always delightful when a satisfied client leaves a positive review! However, optimizing how you respond to positive feedback may further improve your professional image and strengthen your connection with your clients.

Show gratitude for every positive review.

When a happy client praises your work, thank them for taking the time to write the review. Be genuine and personal while expressing your appreciation. A simple instance could be:

Bonus example : "Thank you, [client's name], for your kind words! I'm glad that I could assist you through this challenging phase."

Mention specifics about the case.

Without revealing any confidential details, highlight aspects involved in your service and provide a context to other potential clients reading the review. For example:

Bonus example : "Your paternity case was certainly complex, but it was fulfilling to see a fair outcome achieved for both the parties' best interests."

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10 good reviews with responses templates

1 - Good Review example : "I was impressed by this lawyer's expertise. He handled my case with professionalism and achieved an outstanding result."

Review Response: "Hello, we sincerely thank you for your kind words. We are delighted to have been able to achieve a positive outcome for your case. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future should you require our legal services. Signature."

2 - Positive Review example: "My lawyer was always available to answer my questions and concerns. He put me at ease throughout the legal process."

Review Response: "Hello, it's a pleasure to know that you were satisfied with our customer service and availability. We believe in open communication with our customers to support them in the best possible way. Signature"

3 - Positive Review example: "My lawyer has a thorough knowledge of the law and defended my case with determination. I highly recommend this law firm."

Review Response: "Dear x, We are delighted to receive a recommendation from you. We always strive to provide strong and effective legal representation to our clients. Thank you for your confidence.Signature"

4 - Positive Review example : "This lawyer solved my legal problem quickly and efficiently. I could not have hoped for a better result."

Review Reply: "We are pleased that we were able to resolve your problem satisfactorily and quickly. The efficient resolution of our clients' cases is our priority."

5 - Good Review example: "I am very grateful to this lawyer for his unwavering support throughout my case. He has shown exceptional commitment."

Response example: "Your appreciation means a great deal to us. We firmly believe in defending our clients with dedication and commitment. Thank you for placing your trust in us."

6 - Good review example : "The lawyer thoroughly reviewed all the evidence in my case and prepared an exceptional strategy that ultimately led to my victory in court. His preparation was remarkable."

Response example: "We are delighted to have been able to secure a victory for your case. Thorough preparation is essential in our legal practice, and we are pleased that it paid off."

7 - Good review example: "My lawyer showed a deep understanding of my personal situation and demonstrated empathy throughout the legal process. This helped me a great deal to get through this difficult time."

Response example: "We are touched by your comment and are pleased to have been able to provide you with support during this difficult time. Empathy and understanding are values we seek to offer all our customers."

8 - Review example: "This lawyer negotiated a very advantageous out-of-court settlement for me, avoiding a long and costly trial. His negotiating skills are impressive."

Response example: "We are delighted that we were able to obtain a favorable settlement for you. Effective negotiation is a key part of our practice, and we are pleased that it resulted in a positive outcome for you."

9 - Review example: "My lawyer answered all my questions with great clarity and patience. He kept me informed every step of the way, which gave me great peace of mind."

Response answers: "Transparent communication with our customers is essential to us. We are delighted that you found our explanations clear and that it gave you peace of mind."

10 - Review example: "This lawyer demonstrated great creativity in his approach to my case. He came up with innovative solutions that tipped the scales in my favor."

Response answers: "Creativity and innovation are important aspects of our work in solving our clients' legal problems. We are delighted that this has benefited your case."

Lawyer negative review response

Negative Review Responses for attorneys & lawyers

Handling negative reviews requires skill and tact, as they directly affect one's reputation. To maintain a professional conduct while addressing concerns raised in an adverse comment, take note of the below points.

Avoid disregarding emotions.

Begin by acknowledging the reviewer's emotions and experiences. Even if you believe that their review is unjustified, do not neglect how they feel. A sincere apology can go a long way.

Bonus example : "I'm sorry to hear that your experience with my services was less than satisfactory."

Address the issue in private. Not on Google.

In some cases, it might be better to continue the conversation privately, particularly if it involves any confidential information or further discussions about case particulars. Example:

Bonus example : "Please contact me directly at [phone number / email] so I can look into this matter further and address your concerns personally."

10 sample reviews and negative responses

Negative review 1:

Review: "This lawyer failed to resolve my case as I had hoped. I feel like I wasted time and money."

Response: "We are sorry that you were not satisfied with our service. Your feedback is valuable to us. We would like to know more about the aspects that did not meet your expectations to improve our service in the future."

Negative review 2:

Review: "My lawyer was often unavailable and did not answer my calls or emails. This caused unnecessary delays in my case."

Response: "We sincerely apologize for the delays you experienced. Effective communication is essential, and we take this concern seriously. We will review our internal procedures to avoid future inconveniences."

Negative Review 3:

Review: "The lawyer did not fully understand the details of my case and presented a weak defense in court. I lost because of this."

Response: "We're sorry you felt that way. Our goal is to provide a strong defense for our clients. We would like to discuss the specific aspects of your case in detail to understand where things may have gone wrong and how we can improve."

Negative Review 4:

Review: "This lawyer's fees were excessively high for the result I got. I feel financially aggrieved."

Response: "We understand your concern about fees. We believe in financial transparency and are willing to discuss our fees with you. If you would like to discuss billing or fees, please do not hesitate to contact us."

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Negative Review 5:

Review: "My lawyer was unsympathetic and seemed disinterested in my case. This made for a very unpleasant experience."

Response: "We are disappointed to hear that you had an unpleasant experience with our attorney. We apologize for this. We place a strong emphasis on customer service, and we will be taking steps to improve the way we interact with our customers in the future."

Negative Review 6:

Review: "My lawyer neglected to present crucial evidence in court, costing my case dearly. His negligence was unacceptable."

Response: "We are deeply sorry for this error. Proper presentation of evidence is essential, and we recognize our responsibility in this matter. We are willing to discuss any remedial action or compensation we can offer."

Negative Review 7:

Review: "The lawyer I hired gave me bad advice by pushing me to settle out of court when I should have gone to court. I lost a considerable amount of money as a result."

Answer: "We're sorry you had an unsatisfactory experience. Decision-making in a case can be complex, and we always seek to act in the best interests of our customers. We would like to discuss the circumstances of your case in more detail to understand where we may have made mistakes."

Negative Review 8:

Review: "My lawyer did not do enough research into the relevant case law for my case. This resulted in a weak legal argument in court."

Reply exampe: "We apologize for the lack of preparation in your case. Proper legal research is crucial, and we recognize that we did not meet your expectations. We will review our internal procedures to avoid such shortcomings in the future."

Negative Review 9:

Review: "My lawyer misrepresented me by negotiating an agreement with conditions that were disadvantageous to me. I have lost important rights as a result."

Response reply: "We sincerely regret that you felt this way. Our aim is to protect our customers' rights in negotiations. We would like to discuss in detail the terms of the agreement and any remedial action we can take to resolve this situation."

Negative Review 10:

Review: "The lawyer was not effective in gathering evidence for my case, which hurt my position in court. I lost because of his lack of preparation."

Review reply: "We are disappointed that you felt this way. Gathering evidence is a crucial part of our work, and we recognize the need to be well prepared. We would like to know more about the details of your case to understand where we may have failed and how we can improve our methods."

The polite reinforcement of confidentiality on a response

Bear in mind to never disclose any sensitive information when responding to online reviews.

Maintain an empathetic tone.

When dealing with such cases, emphasize the importance of maintaining client confidentiality while still expressing empathy for their situation.

"As your attorney, I am obligated to uphold client confidentiality, ensuring that specific details of your case remain undisclosed. However, I understand your concerns and truly regret any distress caused."

Balancing feedbacks

Balancing feedback: Managing both positive and negative reviews.

A successful practice will likely receive varying forms of feedback, including positive, neutral, and negative opinions. Learning how to efficiently manage different responses allows future growth and maintains a professional reputation.

Keep track of recurring issues.

If certain points are repeatedly mentioned in multiple reviews (Google, TrustPilot, Yelp...), be proactive and take steps to rectify these promptly. This displays your commitment to continuous improvement of your legal practice.

Spot patterns in positive feedback.

Regularly analyze strengths highlighted by satisfied clients. This enables you to maintain an optimal level of service and helps you showcase these areas in your marketing strategies.

Take accountability for mistakes.

If a reviewer points out genuine errors or flaws in your services, owning up to them reflects your commitment to ethical practices and continually enhancing your legal counsel.

Dos & Don'ts

Dos and don'ts of review responses for laywers


- Proofread all your responses thoroughly before posting them online to avoid any grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.

- Maintain a professional tone throughout your response.

- Be prompt with your replies, as delay can escalate the situation.


- Engage in arguments or debate the reviewer's concerns publicly.

- Reveal any client-confidential information, thus maintaining the attorney-client privilege

- Dismiss or invalidate the reviewer's feelings – everyone is entitled to their opinions and experiences.

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How lawyers can encourage customers to leave good reviews

Ask them directly:

When you have satisfied customers, don't hesitate to ask them to leave a review. You can do this verbally at the end of your collaboration, or send a follow-up e-mail with a link to the review platform.

Make the process easy:

Make sure the process of leaving a review is quick and easy. Provide clear instructions on how to do this, including direct links to the notification platforms. NFC technology cards are also available to ease the application process.

Offer an incentive:

Although this may vary according to local laws and regulations, some jurisdictions allow lawyers to offer incentives to encourage notices, such as discounts on future legal services.

Remind your clients of the importance of reviews:

Explain to your clients that their reviews help build trust with potential clients and improve the quality of service for your entire client base.

By using these online tools and applying these tips to encourage customers to leave reviews, you can improve the management of your online reputation as a lawyer and strengthen your firm's credibility.

In conclusion

Effectively managing online feedback is crucial to maintaining a positive reputation for your law practice. By following this guide, you can navigate both positive and negative reviews with professionalism and diplomacy - showcasing your abilities as a competent and compassionate attorney. This guide is applicable for all review sites.

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