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47+ review response examples for hotels

47+ review response examples for hotels

In the hospitality industry, the significance of managing online reviews cannot be overstated. With platforms like Google, Booking, Expedia, and TripAdvisor becoming the go-to sources for travelers to share and read experiences, hotel owners find themselves in constant need of refining their approach to feedback management. Enter the realm of AI and the review response generator a cutting-edge solution designed to assist hoteliers in navigating the complex waters of online reputation management. This article aims to provide hotel owners with a comprehensive guide on responding to reviews, enriched with free review answer examples and tailored advice on handling even the toughest feedback with grace.

Navigating the Do's and Don'ts of review replies


1. Personalize Your Replies:

Use the reviewer's name and mention specific details from their stay. Personal touches demonstrate genuine care and attention, reinforcing a positive image of your hotel.

2. Express Gratitude:

Always thank guests for their feedback, acknowledging both positive remarks and criticisms. This shows appreciation for their input and reinforces your commitment to guest satisfaction.

3. Address Issues Directly:

When faced with complaints, address them head-on in your responses. Offer explanations or solutions to demonstrate your willingness to improve and resolve guest concerns.

4. Encourage Future Stays:

Invite guests to return, showing confidence in your hotel's ability to deliver better experiences in the future. This can turn a one-time guest into a loyal customer.

5. Leverage AI Wisely:

Utilize a review response generator to efficiently draft responses, especially for common issues. However, always customize AI-generated responses to ensure they resonate with each specific piece of feedback.


1. Never Ignore Negative Reviews:

Skipping over bad feedback can signal indifference. Responding shows you value all guest experiences and are committed to improvement.

2. Avoid Template Responses:

While it's tempting to use a one-size-fits-all approach, personalized responses are far more effective in demonstrating your hotel's commitment to individual guest experiences.

3. Don't Get Defensive:

Always maintain a professional and courteous tone, even in the face of unfair criticism. Defensive replies can escalate the situation and damage your hotel's reputation.

4. Delaying Responses:

Swift replies are crucial. They not only show that you are attentive and proactive but also that you value guest feedback and are eager to address their concerns promptly.

5. Overpromise and Underdeliver:

Be realistic in your responses to guest complaints. Avoid making promises you cannot keep, which could lead to further disappointment and erosion of trust.

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Writing an effective response to hotel reviews is crucial in maintaining a positive reputation and fostering customer loyalty. Reviews, whether positive or negative, provide valuable feedback for hotels and offer a chance to improve services or to highlight and reinforce what is being done well. Here are ten main customer feedback categories mentioned in hotel reviews, along with insights on how to better respond to each:

Review response example

1. Cleanliness: Cleanliness is often a top priority for guests. When guests comment on the cleanliness or lack thereof, acknowledge their feedback, thank them for bringing any issues to your attention, and outline any steps you are taking to address the concern.

2. Comfort: Guests frequently comment on the comfort of their stay, including the quality of the beds, room temperature, and noise levels. Thank them for their feedback, empathize with any discomfort experienced, and explain any measures you are taking to enhance comfort for all guests.

3. Staff and Service: Feedback about staff interaction and service quality is common. Always express gratitude for positive comments, and if the feedback is negative, apologize for the shortfall in service, assure them of your commitment to high standards, and mention any training or measures being implemented to improve service.

4. Amenities: Whether it's the Wi-Fi quality, pool, gym, or breakfast, guests often mention amenities in their reviews. Acknowledge their comments, thank them for their feedback, and inform them of any upcoming upgrades or changes to amenities.

5. Location: The hotel's location and its proximity to attractions, dining, and transport options is a frequent topic. Thank guests for highlighting the benefits of your location or, if there are complaints, suggest alternatives or future plans to better assist guests in navigating the area.

6. Value: Reviews often reflect perceptions of value for money. Acknowledge and thank guests for their feedback on this aspect, and consider explaining any value-added services or amenities that enhance the guest experience.

7. Food and Beverage: Dining experiences within the hotel, including room service, restaurants, and bars, are commonly reviewed. Thank the guest for their feedback, address any specific issues raised, and highlight any changes or improvements being made.

8. Room Features and Facilities: Specific feedback about room features (e.g., air conditioning, TV, bathroom facilities) is common. Respond by thanking the guest for their feedback, addressing any concerns, and mentioning any planned upgrades or maintenance work.

9. Safety and Security: Guests may comment on their sense of safety and security during their stay. Thank them for their feedback, reassure them of the importance you place on guest safety, and outline any security measures or policies in place.

10. Check-in and Check-out Experience: The efficiency and ease of check-in and check-out processes often feature in reviews. Thank guests for their feedback, apologize for any delays or issues experienced, and explain any steps you're taking to streamline these processes.

1/ Cleanliness review response example :

"Thank you for highlighting the cleanliness of our hotel. We take great pride in maintaining high standards and are thrilled to hear that it contributed positively to your stay with us."

"We sincerely apologize for the cleanliness issues you experienced during your stay. We have addressed this with our housekeeping team to ensure it is an isolated incident. Thank you for bringing it to our attention."

"Your feedback about the cleanliness of our facilities is greatly appreciated. We are continuously working on improving our services, and your comments help us focus on what matters most to our guests."

"Thank you for your honest feedback. We are disappointed to hear that our cleanliness standards did not meet your expectations. Immediate steps have been taken to rectify this, ensuring a better experience for all future guests."

"We're glad to hear that our efforts to maintain a clean and welcoming environment were noticeable during your stay. Cleanliness is a top priority for us, and we appreciate your acknowledgment."

eBook how to generate review response with AI

2/ Comfort example responses:

"We are delighted to know that you found your room comfortable and to your liking. Our goal is to provide a relaxing environment for our guests, and we're glad we achieved this for you."

"Thank you for sharing your experience. We regret to hear that the room did not meet your comfort expectations. We're looking into the issues you mentioned to ensure a more comfortable stay for our future guests."

"We appreciate your feedback on the comfort of our accommodations. It's important to us that our guests feel at home, and we're taking steps to enhance our rooms based on your comments."

"Your comfort is our top priority, and we apologize for any discomfort experienced. We're currently reviewing our in-room amenities to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable stay."

"Hearing that you had a comfortable stay is wonderful news to us. Thank you for your positive feedback, and we look forward to welcoming you back for another relaxing visit."

3/ Staff and service example responses:

"We're thrilled to hear that our staff made a great impression on you with their friendly and attentive service. Your kind words will be shared with the team as a testament to their hard work."

"We apologize for the service issues you encountered during your stay. This is not the standard we strive for, and we are taking immediate steps to ensure our team provides the high-quality service our guests expect and deserve."

"Thank you for acknowledging the exceptional service provided by our staff. We pride ourselves on our team's dedication to guest satisfaction, and your feedback is a wonderful encouragement."

"We regret to read that your experience with our service fell short of expectations. We value your feedback and are committed to addressing these issues to improve our guest experience."

"Your compliments on our staff's service are greatly appreciated. We aim to create memorable experiences for our guests, and it's rewarding to know we succeeded with your stay."

4/ Amenities review response examples:

"We're glad you enjoyed our amenities and found them to your satisfaction. We strive to offer a variety of high-quality facilities to enhance our guests' stays."

"Thank you for your feedback on our amenities. We're sorry to hear that certain aspects did not meet your expectations. We're continually working on improving our offerings based on guest feedback."

"It's great to hear that our amenities contributed positively to your stay. Whether it's our pool, gym, or Wi-Fi, we aim to provide facilities that cater to the needs of our guests."

"We appreciate your suggestions regarding our amenities. Your input is invaluable as we look to enhance our guest experience. Please look forward to improvements in the near future."

"Your positive remarks about our amenities are much appreciated. We're delighted you found everything to your liking and hope to continue exceeding your expectations on future visits."

5/ Location review response example:

"Thank you for highlighting our convenient location. We're glad it made your visit to the area easier and more enjoyable. We hope to be your choice of stay whenever you're in town."

"We appreciate your feedback on our location. While we understand that our location may not be ideal for everyone, we hope our services and amenities compensated for any inconvenience."

"It's wonderful to hear that our location served you well during your stay. Being close to local attractions and transport links is something our guests often appreciate, and we're glad it was the case for you."

"Thank you for your comments on our location. We strive to provide a great stay in every aspect, and your feedback helps us focus on what matters most to our guests."

"We're pleased you found our hotel's location to your liking. Our goal is to offer convenience and comfort to all our guests, making their travels as smooth as possible."

Responding to reviews in a thoughtful, professional, and constructive manner not only addresses the concerns and praises of your guests but also demonstrates your commitment to guest satisfaction and continuous improvement

6/ Value review response example:

"We're delighted to hear that you found our hotel to offer good value for your stay. We strive to provide our guests with high-quality services at competitive prices, and it's rewarding to know we've succeeded."

"Thank you for your feedback regarding value for money. We understand the importance of offering a service that matches our guests' expectations and budget. We are continuously reviewing our pricing and services to ensure we provide the best possible value."

"We appreciate your insights on our pricing. Our goal is to balance quality and cost effectively, ensuring our guests feel they've received great value. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to improve our offerings."

"It's regrettable to hear that your experience did not meet your value expectations. We aim to provide a premium experience that justifies the cost, and we're sorry if we fell short. We're taking your feedback seriously as we evaluate our offerings."

"Hearing that you perceived excellent value in your stay with us is wonderful. We're committed to providing a superior experience at a fair price, and we're glad to have hit the mark for you."

7/ Food and beverage review response example:

"Thank you for your compliments on our dining options. We're thrilled you enjoyed the culinary experiences at our hotel, and we'll pass your kind words on to our culinary team."

"We regret to hear that our food and beverage options did not meet your expectations. We are committed to providing delicious and satisfying dining experiences and will review your feedback with our culinary team for immediate improvement."

"Your positive feedback on our restaurant and bar is greatly appreciated. We're glad you found our food and beverage offerings to your liking and hope to welcome you back for another delightful dining experience."

"We apologize if our dining options fell short of what you expected. We're continuously working on enhancing our menus and service quality based on guest feedback. Thank you for letting us know how we can improve."

"It's rewarding to hear that our food and beverage services contributed positively to your stay. We take pride in offering a diverse selection of dining options to cater to our guests' tastes and are pleased you enjoyed it."

hotel reviews

8/ Room features and facilities review response example:

"We're glad you enjoyed the features and facilities of your room. Our team works hard to ensure our rooms are well-equipped and comfortable for our guests, and your feedback is a wonderful acknowledgment."

"Thank you for your feedback on our room amenities. We're sorry to hear that certain aspects didn't meet your expectations. We're taking note of your suggestions as we continually strive to improve our guest experience."

"Your positive comments on our room facilities are much appreciated. We aim to provide a home away from home experience with all the necessary comforts, and we're delighted to know we achieved this for you."

"We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the room features during your stay. We value your feedback and are looking into making necessary upgrades to ensure a more comfortable and satisfying experience for all our guests."

"Hearing that our room facilities met your needs is great news. We're committed to maintaining a high standard of accommodation, and your feedback helps us focus on what's important to our guests."

9/ Safety and security review response example:

"Your safety and security are our top priorities. We're pleased to hear that you felt safe and well-looked after during your stay. Thank you for acknowledging our efforts in this critical area."

"We appreciate your feedback on our safety measures. It's essential for us to provide a secure environment for our guests, and we're continuously reviewing and enhancing our security protocols."

"Thank you for bringing your safety concerns to our attention. We take these matters very seriously and have immediately addressed the issues you've mentioned to ensure the well-being of all our guests."

"It's reassuring to know that our security measures met your expectations. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for every guest, and your feedback confirms we're on the right track."

"We regret to hear of any concerns you had regarding safety during your stay. Please rest assured that we are taking your feedback seriously and implementing further measures to enhance our security protocols."

10/ Check-in and Check-out experience review response example:

"We're thrilled to hear that your check-in and check-out process was smooth and efficient. Our front desk team aims to make these transitions as seamless as possible, and we're glad to have achieved this for you."

"Thank you for your feedback on the check-in/check-out experience. We apologize for any delays or inconveniences you faced. We're taking steps to streamline our procedures to prevent future occurrences."

"Your positive remarks about the ease of our check-in and check-out process are greatly appreciated. We understand the importance of first and last impressions and are delighted to have made a good one."

"We regret that your check-in/check-out experience did not meet our standard of efficiency. We appreciate your patience and are currently reviewing our practices to ensure a smoother process for our guests."

"Hearing that our check-in and check-out process contributed to a pleasant stay is wonderful news. We aim for excellence in every aspect of our service, and your feedback is invaluable in maintaining our standards."

BONUS 25 Free review answer examples for hotel owners

Positive reviews:

1. Review: "Our stay was exceptional! The staff were friendly, and the room was beyond comfortable."

Response: "Thank you, [Reviewer's Name], for the wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed your stay and found comfort in our accommodations. Our staff looks forward to welcoming you back in the future!"

Slightly Critical but Mostly Positive:

2. Review: "Great location and amenities, though the Wi-Fi was a bit slow."

Response: "We appreciate your feedback, [Reviewer's Name]. It's fantastic to hear you enjoyed our location and amenities. We're addressing the Wi-Fi issue and hope to provide an even better experience next time!"

Addressing Specific Complaints:

3. Review: "The noise from the construction nearby ruined our morning sleep."

Response: "Our sincere apologies, [Reviewer's Name], for the disturbance during your stay. We're working with the local authorities to manage the noise levels and ensure our guests' comfort. Your feedback is invaluable to us."

Negative Feedback:

4. Review: "Disappointed with the cleanliness of the room. Expected better."

Response: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention, [Reviewer's Name]. We sincerely apologize for not meeting your expectations in room cleanliness. We've taken immediate action with our housekeeping team to address this issue and ensure it doesn't recur."

Mixed Feedback:

5. Review: "Loved the hotel vibe, but the customer service at the reception could improve."

Response: "Thank you, [Reviewer's Name], for your kind words about our hotel's atmosphere and for your constructive criticism regarding our reception service. We're committed to providing top-notch customer service and will use your feedback as an opportunity for improvement."

6. Review: "The breakfast buffet was fantastic, but the room's air conditioning was not effective."

Response: "We're glad you enjoyed the breakfast buffet, [Reviewer's Name]! We apologize for the inconvenience with the air conditioning and have alerted our maintenance team to ensure it's promptly addressed. Thank you for letting us know."

7. Review: "The spa was a real treat, though the booking process was confusing."

Response: "It's wonderful to hear you enjoyed the spa, [Reviewer's Name]! We regret any confusion with the booking process and are looking into simplifying it. Your feedback helps us serve you better."

8. Review: "Impeccable service and stunning views, but the parking fees were a surprise."

Response: "Thank you for the compliments, [Reviewer's Name], and for highlighting the parking fee concern. We aim to be transparent with all our fees and will review our communications to ensure clarity. We hope to welcome you back soon."

9. Review: "The room was spacious and beautifully decorated, but it lacked basic amenities like a kettle."

Response: "We're delighted you appreciated the room's aesthetics, [Reviewer's Name]. We note your feedback on the amenities and will consider adding more conveniences to enhance our guest experience."

10. Review: "A peaceful retreat with excellent dining options, though the check-in process took longer than expected."

Response: "Your feedback is much appreciated, [Reviewer's Name]. We're pleased you found tranquility and enjoyed our dining. We'll work on streamlining the check-in process for a smoother experience."

Addressing Unmet Expectations:

11. Review: "Was expecting a beachfront hotel, but the beach was a 10-minute walk away."

Response: "We apologize for any misunderstanding, [Reviewer's Name]. We appreciate your feedback and will ensure our hotel's location is described more accurately. We hope the rest of our services met your expectations."

12. Review: "The kids' club was a hit with our children, but the pool was smaller than it appeared in photos."

Response: "It's great to hear your children enjoyed the kids' club, [Reviewer's Name]! We apologize if the pool did not meet your expectations. We value your feedback and will aim to present our facilities more accurately."

Handling feedback on value:

13. Review: "The overall experience was good, but I'm not sure it justified the price."

Response: "Thank you for sharing your thoughts, [Reviewer's Name]. We strive to provide value through our services and amenities. We'll take your feedback into account as we continuously work to enhance our guest experience."

Hotel reviews

Responding to unique situations:

14. Review: "Our wedding anniversary celebration was made special by the thoughtful touches from the hotel staff."

Response: "Happy Anniversary, [Reviewer's Name]! We're honored to have been a part of your celebration and thrilled to hear our staff's efforts made your day special. We look forward to many more celebrations with you!"

15. Review: "Encountered some issues with our reservation upon arrival, but the staff resolved it efficiently."

Response: "We apologize for the initial hiccup, [Reviewer's Name], but are glad to hear our staff quickly resolved the issue. Thank you for your patience and for choosing to stay with us."

16. Review: "Exceptional cleanliness and safety measures in place, made us feel secure during our stay."

Response: "Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, [Reviewer's Name]. We're glad our efforts in maintaining cleanliness and safety standards made you feel secure. Thank you for your trust in us."

17. Review: "The concierge service was outstanding, providing great recommendations and making our stay memorable."

Response: "We're delighted to hear about your positive experience with our concierge service, [Reviewer's Name]! Our team takes pride in offering personalized recommendations to make your stay unforgettable."

18. Review: "The hotel's location is perfect, right in the heart of the city, but the noise level at night was bothersome."

Response: "Thank you for acknowledging our prime location, [Reviewer's Name]. We understand the concern regarding noise and are exploring solutions to minimize it. We appreciate your feedback and hope to offer a more peaceful experience in the future."

19. Review: "The fitness center was well-equipped, but it would benefit from longer opening hours."

Response: "We're glad you found our fitness center to your liking, [Reviewer's Name]. Your suggestion for extended hours is valuable, and we'll consider it as we continually improve our guest amenities."

20. Review: "A serene oasis with attentive staff, though the in-room dining menu was limited."

Response: "It's wonderful to hear you enjoyed the serenity and service, [Reviewer's Name]. We'll review our in-room dining options to offer a wider variety of choices. Thank you for your suggestion."

Addressing Rare Issues:

21. Review: "Found the hotel to be eco-friendly, which is important to us, but noticed single-use plastics in the bathroom."

Response: "We're committed to sustainability, [Reviewer's Name], and appreciate your support of our eco-friendly initiatives. We'll address the use of single-use plastics and explore more sustainable options. Thank you for bringing this to our attention."

22. Review: "The art in the hotel added a unique touch to our stay, but some of the public areas seemed neglected."

Response: "We're pleased you enjoyed the hotel's art, [Reviewer's Name]. Your observation about the public areas is concerning, and we'll take immediate steps to ensure they receive the attention they deserve."

23. Review: "Appreciated the pet-friendly policy, but there were limited areas where our pet could accompany us."

Response: "Thank you for choosing our pet-friendly hotel, [Reviewer's Name]. We understand the need for more pet-accessible areas and will consider how we can improve our amenities for our four-legged guests."

24. Review: "The rooftop bar offers stunning views, but it was often too crowded."

Response: "We're glad you enjoyed the views from our rooftop bar, [Reviewer's Name]. We'll look into managing the space better to accommodate our guests comfortably. Your feedback is invaluable to us."

25. Review: "The hotel lobby is beautifully designed, but the furniture is showing signs of wear."

Response: "Thank you for appreciating our lobby's design, [Reviewer's Name]. We take your comment about the furniture seriously and will look into updating or refurbishing to maintain our standards."

These 25 examples serve as a blueprint for hotel owners to navigate the diverse landscape of guest feedback. By following the do's and don'ts outlined and leveraging the power of AI with a review response generator, hoteliers can craft thoughtful, impactful responses that not only address guest concerns but also highlight their commitment to excellence. Remember, each review is an opportunity to enhance your hotel's reputation and build stronger relationships with your guests.

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