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- Why Responding to Travelers Reviews on AirBnB Can Boost Your Revenues?

- How to Respond to positive and negative Reviews on AirBnB?

- How to Get More Reviews on Airbnb?

- How to Remove and Respond to Fake Airbnb Reviews?

- How to buy positive Reviews on Airbnb?

- Use ChatGPT AI to respond to AirBnB customer reviews? Yes or no ?

+1000 FREE AirBnB positive & negative review response examples

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Review Response generator on AirBnB

Why Responding to Travelers Reviews on AirBnB Can Boost Your Revenues?

- Impact on ranking : AirBnB will rank better appartments and houses that are superhost and answer to all their reviews

- Impact on conversion : Travellers will tend to book more properties managed by hosts that answer to their reviews. It shows a customer centric approach.

- Impact on Bookings and Revenues: Several studies with statistical data and evidences are showing correlation between active review engagement and increased bookings and revenue. Basically AirBnB will rank better host that answer to their reviews.

- Establishing Trust : Timely and thoughtful responses to reviews can build trust among potential guests and enhance the host's credibility.

- Building credibility : Imagine turning a simple 'thank you' into a repeat booking! Heartfelt review responses can create a ripple effect, leading to increased bookings and a glowing reputation.

- The Power of Word-of-Mouth: Your responses can turn guests into your personal brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your amazing hosting skills.

How to Respond to Reviews on AirBnB?

Honest reviews help hosts and guests to grow and find the right fit in the future. But sometimes you may get one you disagree with.

The right to respond

You can post a public response to a review that someone has left for you within 30 days after the review has been published. While you can’t remove it, you can report it if you think it violates our Review Policy.

Otherwise, feel free to respond with more context or to provide your own perspective, so long as you, too, follow the policy.

Responding to a recent review on each device


1. Go to Profile > Reviews

2. Click Reviews about you

3. Go to the review you’d like to respond to and click Leave a Response

Your response will be posted immediately, and you can’t edit it after that—so take your time and really think about what you want to say.

iOS App & Android App

You’ll need to log in to your account on a desktop computer or browser (not using the Airbnb app) to respond to a review.

Your response will be posted immediately, and you can’t edit it after that—so take your time and really think about what you want to say.

Mobile browser

1. Go to Profile > Reviews

2. Tap Reviews about you

3. Go to the review you’d like to respond to and tap Leave a Response

Your response will be posted immediately, and you can’t edit it after that—so take your time and really think about what you want to say.

How to respond to positive Airbnb reviews?

- Gratitude and Personalization: You have to craft responses that express gratitude and acknowledge specific aspects of the guest's stay, making each response feel personal and sincere.

- Encouraging Future Stays: Encourage guests to return, such as mentioning new features or upcoming improvements.

Review responses

How to respond to negative Airbnb reviews?

- Empathy and Understanding: Detail how to acknowledge the guest’s concerns empathetically, demonstrating understanding and a commitment to improvement.

- Offering Solutions: Provide guidelines on offering solutions or compensation where appropriate, and how to convey these offers in a way that shows commitment to guest satisfaction.

How to get more reviews on Airbnb

- Creating a Memorable Experience: Emphasize the importance of providing an exceptional stay, as satisfied guests are more likely to leave reviews.

- Direct but Tactful Requests: Suggest ways to ask guests for reviews in a manner that is direct yet tactful, perhaps as part of the checkout process or in a follow-up message.

How to remove and respond to fake Airbnb reviews?

The host has the option to reach out to Airbnb for the removal of any misleading or fake reviews about their property. While it's important to note that once an Airbnb review is posted, it can't be reversed, removal is possible if the review violates Airbnb's review policy. Reviews that don't breach this policy, however, will not be eligible for removal from the site

- Spotting Red Flags: To identify potential fake reviews you should look for inconsistencies or details that don’t match the guest’s actual experience. But on AirBnB it's most likely that no fake reviews are posted as you need to be a real traveler to post a review.

- Appropriate Action Steps: When a fake review is suspected, we suggest you to contact Airbnb support and responding publicly in a way that maintains the host's professionalism.

Having said that, here are some simple steps you can take in requesting fake Airbnb reviews to be removed:

Step 1- After signing in, go to your Airbnb profile

Step 2- At the bottom of the page, go to the “Help” section

Step 3- Select "Report a New Issue" under "Contact Us" to send us a message.

Step 4- There is a space you’ll notice where you can mention a detailed justification for why the review should be taken down.

How to buy positive reviews on Airbnb

- Why It's Not Recommended: Clearly state that buying reviews is against Airbnb’s policies and can lead to serious consequences, including removal from the platform.

- Focusing on Authenticity: Emphasize the value of authentic guest experiences and genuine reviews in building a successful Airbnb presence.

- Ask your friends : A good way to get a few positive reviews at the start will be to ask one of your friend that have an Airbnb account to book your property and pay for the stay. Once the fake guest has stayed (or not),he/she will be able to post a positive review. This trick costs you the AirBnB commission. That's it.

How to use ChatGPT AI to respond to AirBnB reviews?

“ChatGPT, please offer me a response to my following traveler feedback: xxxx”

Well, often you're not that polite to him.

ChatGPT: The digital solution (AI) that everyone is chasing! We cannot deny that it is the trendy and innovative tool of the moment. 🚀

But, is this the new secret weapon for effectively managing online customer reviews?

To answer this question, we have testeed ChatGPT to answer to Airbnb reviews.

We inserted a customer comment waited for ChatGPT's response proposal.

Analysis of ChatGPT for Customer Review Management: The initial response was fluent, but lacked a personal touch like a polite greeting. In addition, when faced with a comment in another language, the AI ​​suggested a reply in the customer langiage that I don't understand.

This led us to refine our request to obtain an optimal result.

After refining the query for a few minutes, we had to manually upload the response to AirBnB for each customer review.

In summary :

ChatGPT excels at processing some customer reviews and getting inspiration. However, for massive review management, its use may be limited.

Free users may experience access restrictions. Additionally, the need to constantly modify the initial prompt to get the desired response can make you less efficient.

This is where SoLike, the first Review Response AI solution can suggest review responses directly on AirBnB :

Review Response generator on AirBnB

+1000 AirBnB rositive & negative review response examples

Review (Positive): "The downtown loft was exceptional! It was spacious, immaculately clean, and the location couldn't be better. The host was very responsive and helpful."

Response: "Thank you for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed your stay and found the loft to your liking. It was a pleasure hosting you, and we hope to see you again soon!"

Review (Constructive): "The cottage by the lake was charming, but we had issues with the Wi-Fi. It was a bit inconvenient, especially since some of us needed to work remotely."

Response: "We appreciate your feedback and are sorry to hear about the Wi-Fi issues. We're taking steps to improve internet reliability and hope to provide a better experience for future guests. Thank you for staying with us."

Review (Negative): "Unfortunately, our experience was not as expected. The apartment was not clean upon arrival, and the noise from the street made it hard to sleep at night."

Response: "We sincerely apologize for the issues you faced during your stay. We've addressed the cleaning oversight with our team and are looking into soundproofing solutions. We'd like to offer a discount on your next stay to make up for this experience."

Review (Mixed): "The mountain cabin had stunning views and a cozy fireplace, which we loved. However, the driveway was quite difficult to navigate in our small car."

Response: "Thank you for sharing your experience. We're glad you enjoyed the cabin's views and fireplace. We'll consider adding a note about the driveway in our listing to inform future guests with similar vehicles. Thanks for staying with us!"

Review (Very Positive): "Our stay at the urban studio was amazing! Superb location, fantastic amenities, and the host went above and beyond to ensure we had a great time."

Response: "Wow, thank you for such a glowing review! We're overjoyed to hear that you had an amazing stay. It was our pleasure to host you, and we'd love to welcome you back anytime."

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