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19 review response examples for Trip Advisor in 2024 (Including 10 crazy reviews)

How to reply to reviews on TripAdvisor ?

In this article we will explain everything you need to know about Trip Advisor:‍

- Understanding Trip Advisor's algorithm

- 7 reasons why you should respond to reviews

- How to respond to reviews on Trip Advisor (negative and positive)

- How to report and remove a negative review on Trip Advisor?

- How to respond to reviews automatically?

- 19 review response templates to Trip Advisor reviews

- 10 examples of unusual customer reviews on Trip Advisor

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Review response with AI on TripAdvisor

Understanding TripAdvisor listing algorithm

Who is Trip Advisor?

It’s similar to Yelp but specific to the hospitality industry.

In our consumer society, the importance of customer reviews is growing daily. Offers are diversifying, and the online reputation of your establishment is a fundamental lever.

On this topic, one site stands out by displaying a ranking and reviews of hotels, restaurants, and places to visit: Trip Advisor.

Trip Advisor is an American giant born in 2000 that ranks more than 44.4 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions today. The site has over 84 million members, and 375 million unique visitors per month. This site is now a must for the tourism industry, and is therefore of paramount importance for your establishment. Your ranking has a direct impact on your sales and can attract potential guests. So, how is this ranking made, and how can you improve it?  The answer is in this article!

Trip Advisor Logo :

TripAdvisor Logo

How is your Trip Advisor ranking defined?

TripAdvisor's algorithm underwent two major changes in 2016 and 2018, but how it works remains as closely guarded a secret as the Coca-Cola recipe, according to the site. Many have tried to decipher it, looking for the right mix between average rating and the number of reviews, without success.

Many parameters are taken into account for the ranking, which is updated every day. The notions of reviews' recency and consistency are integral parts of this ranking. Indeed, having reviews on a regularly and a stable average allows you reach a better position in the list.

‍Thus, the impact of several 4-star reviews will be more positive than several reviews between 3 and 5-star review, even though many sites think that the percentage of 5/5 reviews is taken into account.

We also noted the impact of other concepts such as the response to reviews and the weight of the contributor (rated from 1 to 6 depending on the number of reviews posted in particular).

If we have to summarize, here are the parameters that make up the Trip Advisor ranking algorithm in order of importance:

1/ The average rating

2/ The number of reviews and their recency

3/ The response rate

4/ The weight of contributors

5/ The consistency of the reviews

How to improve your ranking?

To improve your ranking, you need to work on these 3 points. Some are simpler than others, and they impact each other. Here are our tips:

- Read your reviews : and note the remarks: the best way to limit negative reviews is to remove the cause of the bad reviews. Every time a guest feedback is posted, you will receive notifications.

- Respond to your reviews : this will impact on all the points mentioned above. Indeed, your response percentage will be directly improved, but it will also allow the general manager to consider the remarks. Then, many studies have shown that customers are less virulent when they see constructive and relevant responses to reviews. This will improve your rating and the consistency of your reviews. Those response models will help you.

- Encourage your customers to share a review on social media and be available for on-site feedback. This will increase the number of reviews, with a high turnover, and your attentiveness will encourage your customers to put a glowing review.

‍7 reasons why you should respond to new reviews

We've listed all the reasons (and supporting studies) why responding to customer reviews impacts on future guests and sales. The detailed article can be found here.

1/ Handling online reviews improves your brand image

Many companies mistakenly think that their reputation is built only through traditional channels and their website. However, times have changed, especially with the emergence of customer review sites.

2/ Responding to customer reviews improves SEO

Trip Advisor but also Google Review take into account the number of reviews your business has accumulated as well as your average rating to rank you in the search results.

3/ Responding to reviews improves the rating by 0.12 points

"When hotels start responding, they receive 12% more reviews and their ratings increase, on average, by 0.12 stars out of 5."

4/ Responding to customer reviews increases conversion rates by up to +80%

A company that listens to its customers' experiences is more likely to gain their trust and thus generate sales. Responding to customer reviews also helps highlight the strengths that set you apart from your competitors.

5/ Outperforming competition

Small companies are more active in managing their e-reputation: 28% of responses vs. 10% for large companies.

6/ Rely on transparency to gain your customers' trust

In summary, transparency is therefore a key issue for customers. That's why they are particularly interested in the opinions of their peers.

7/ A rating higher than 4/5 is required

Les petites et moyennes entreprises qui sont passées de 3,5/5 à 3,7/5 ont connu la plus forte augmentation des interactions (directions, appels et visites de sites) d'après l'étude Uberall

Small and medium-sized businesses that went from 3.5/5 to 3.7/5 experienced the largest increase in interactions (directions, calls and site visits) according to the Uberall study. So you have to focus on getting more positive comments.

How to manage guest reviews on Trip Advisor?

Identifying a fake review on Trip Advisor

On Trip Advisor, you only need to have an account to write a review (Constructive criticism or not). Indeed, the site does not offer live booking, and does not use geolocation. Therefore, verifying that the tripadvisor user is a customer is impossibe.

Several cases of false reviews written by competitors have been investigated and fines have been imposed. We do not advise you to buy fake reviews.

However, there are several factors that allow you to get a more accurate picture of reviews:

- A large amount of reviews dissolves fake reviews in the middle of real ones.

- Check the user profile : the number of reviews posted by this person will give you an idea of the veracity of these words. If the profile has only posted one review, don't hesitate to report it, it has a great chance of disappearing.

- Answer all your reviews. You can discredit the fake reviews and value the real ones. How to do it ? We'll explain it to you!  

Business owner access for management response on Trip Advisor's extranet

Hotel’s online reputation is key to attracting new potential customers (Leisure, business or even tour operators) That’s why hoteliers have to build thoughtful responses to positive feedback and negative feedback.

Tripadvisor review management solution will provide a reputation management dashboard that summarizing your guest experience.

Step 1: Login to the Trip Advisor extranet.

How to respond to reviews on Trip Advisor Step 1

Step 2: Choose your business (Drop-down menu)

How to respond to reviews on TripAdvisor Step 2

Step 3 - Hotel: Click on "Reviews" and then "Respond to reviews"

How to respond to reviews on TripAdvisor Step 2 - Hotel

Step 3 - Restaurant: Click on "Reviews" and then "Respond to reviews"

How to respond to reviews on TripAdvisor Step 3 Restaurant

Step 4: Choose the review you want to respond to

How to respond to reviews on TripAdvisor Step 4

Trip Advisor reviews are often lengthy. Whether negative or positive reviews, the hotel guests want to share their experiences and opinions.

Therefore, you should take the time to write a personalized and relevant TripAdvisor review response, recalling your strengths and explaining any misunderstandings. You can give your side of the story.

However, be careful not to respond too quickly. Here are our tips for writing an excellent response:

Respond manually to a negative review on Trip Advisor

Customers who want to complain about your services can go about it in different ways. Some report the facts while remaining calm. Others use a more aggressive tone. And then there are those who go about it with humor.

The comment left sometimes remains more funny, than embarrassing. But sometimes the comments made are inappropriate. They may then have an impact on your brand image. If this happens, it is necessary to take measures to preserve your e-reputation.

Your review response should be structured in 5 parts no matter of the star rating:

1/ Introduction:

Dear Customer, Dear Carine, Dear Sir.

2/ Thank you:

Always thank the customer who took the time to write a review about you.

3/ Recall your strengths:

As a first step, then, you can confirm the positive point noted by your customer by adding some of your strengths.

4/ Respond to negative comments:

You have the opportunity to explain to your customer the reasons for the misunderstanding, so that readers understand that you take it into account. The situation will not concern them when they visit.

5/ Conclusion:

You can invite customers to come back, for another good experience, or to improve their feeling.

Automatically respond to reviews on Trip Advisor

You have two choices. Either you respond to reviews with ChatGTP by creating prompts and copy-paste your reviews and responses.

Or you use SoLike which is a solution dedicated to review response on TripAdvisor, Google, Booking

Step 1 : Download the SoLike Chrome extension

Step 2 : Create an account on SoLike

Step 3 : Login to Trip Advisor and the "Reply with SoLike" button will appear

19 positive review response examples on TripAdvisor

Great Review response

  1. Review: "Had a wonderful stay! The staff went above and beyond to ensure we had a great time."
  2. Response: "Thank you for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed your stay. Looking forward your next visit! - Tom and the Team"

Negative Review response about Room Cleanliness

  1. Review: "Our room wasn't cleaned properly. We found dust and hairs everywhere."
  2. Response: "We sincerely apologize for the oversight. Your feedback is invaluable, and we'll ensure this is addressed immediately. Please allow us another chance to impress you in the future. - Jessica, Manager"

Mixed Review reply on hotel

  1. Review: "Great location, but the breakfast was mediocre at best."
  2. Response: "Thank you for your feedback. We're glad you liked our location. We'll work on improving our breakfast offerings based on your input. - Tom and the Team"

Good Review reply about Staff

  1. Review: "The front desk at check in was incredibly helpful during our stay. Kudos!"
  2. Response: "We're delighted to hear yoru positive experience! We'll pass on your compliments to our front desk team. Hope to see you again soon! - Jessica, Manager"

Negative Review response about Noise

  1. Review: "Couldn't sleep due to the loud noises from the neighboring room."
  2. Response: "We apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us know during your next visit, and we'll do our best to allocate a quieter room. - Tom and the Team"

Review reply about Amenities

  1. Review: "Loved the spa and the gym facilities. They were top-notch!"
  2. Response: "Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed our amenities. We hope to welcome you back for another relaxing stay. - Jessica, Manager"

Negative Review about Booking Issues

  1. Review: "Had issues with my reservation. It took ages to get it sorted."
  2. Response: "We're deeply sorry for the inconvenience. We're taking steps to streamline our booking process to prevent such issues in the future. - Tom and the Team"

Good Review response example about restaurant Dining Experience

  1. Review: "The rooftop restaurant offers a stunning view and delicious food. Highly recommended!"
  2. Response: "We're thrilled you enjoyed dining with us! The rooftop views are indeed special. Looking forward to serving you again. - Jessica, Manager"

Negative Review about Price

  1. Review: "The price was a bit steep for the value provided."
  2. Response: "Thank you for your feedback. We strive to provide the best value and experience. We'll re-evaluate our offerings to ensure we're meeting our guests' expectations. - Tom and the Team"

Good Review about Location

  1. Review: "The hotel's location is perfect, right in the city center!"
  2. Response: "We're delighted you found our location convenient! We hope it made your trip even more enjoyable. See you again! - Tom and the Team"

Negative Review about Wi-Fi

  1. Review: "The Wi-Fi kept disconnecting, which was frustrating."
  2. Response: "We apologize for the inconvenience. We're working to improve our Wi-Fi connectivity. Your feedback helps. Thank you. - Jessica, Manager"

Review about Family-friendliness

  1. Review: "Our kids loved the play area and the kiddie pool!"
  2. Response: "We're thrilled to hear your family had a great time! We love creating a space for our younger guests too. - Tom and the Team"

Negative Review about Parking

  1. Review: "Parking was a nightmare. I wish there were more spaces."
  2. Response: "Thank you for your feedback. We understand the concern and are looking into parking solutions for our guests. - Jessica, Manager"

Review about Special Requests

  1. Review: "I requested a vegan breakfast option, and the hotel delivered!"
  2. Response: "We're glad we could cater to your dietary needs! We always aim to please. Hope to see you soon! - Tom and the Team"

Negative Review about Check-in Process

  1. Review: "The check-in took forever. Was quite disappointed."
  2. Response: "We sincerely apologize for the wait. We're taking measures to speed up the process. Your patience is appreciated. - Jessica, Manager"

Review about Events/Conferences

  1. Review: "Attended a conference here. The facilities and tech support were top-notch!"
  2. Response: "Thank you! We're glad your event went smoothly. We aim to offer the best for our business guests. - Tom and the Team"

Negative Review about Hotel Bar

  1. Review: "The bar was always crowded, and service was slow."
  2. Response: "Thank you for your feedback. We'll work on improving our bar service and accommodating our guests better. - Jessica, Manager"

Review about Safety/Security

  1. Review: "Felt extremely safe with the hotel's security measures. Peace of mind!"
  2. Response: "Your safety is our priority! We're pleased to know you felt secure during your stay. - Tom and the Team"

Negative Review about Room Service

How to report and remove a negative review on Trip Advisor?

With the very strong increase in the number of reviews, we also see an increase in fraudulent reviews. Indeed, some sites like Google or Trip Advisor do not systematically check that customers have booked when they post a review, and even if these practices are now punished by the law (2500€ for a false review on a restaurant closed in 2011) they are commonplace.

Let's stress that not all reviews published on your online profile can be deleted. Trip Advisor, like all other platforms, has established a charter that governs the publication of reviews.

In general, you can only request the removal of a review with :

- Offensive content (insults or threats towards your establishment and your employees)

- Illegal content (selling illegal products);

- A hidden identity.

If the customer feedback does comply with the site's guidelines, the moderation service will not agree to remove it. So it remains on your profile, even if you reported it.

In this case, you must respond to it.

‍Easy to report a review thanks to the platform's moderation service

Easy to report a bad review thanks to the platform's moderation service

Follow all the steps of "How to respond to hotel reviews on Trip Advisor extranet?" and choose the sensitive review

Step 1: Click on Report Review

Step 2: Choose from the reasons given.

==> It's posted to the wrong business

==> It's inappropriate or not family friendly

==> It's written by an ex-employee or competitor

==> It describes an experience more than 1 year ago

==> Review text is not consistent with the rating given

==> This reviewer did not experience my business

==> It's a duplicate by the same member

==> It contains commercial or promotional content

==> Another reviewer already wrote about this experience

==> I disagree with the information in this review

==> It includes private information

==> I want to report something else

How to report a problem with a review on TripAdvisor

The End:

How to report a problem with a review on TripAdvisor - The End

Increase your chances of withdrawal with the management center

Use the field provided to describe your problem as accurately as possible.

The important thing is not to leave out any details. If you have surveillance cameras to back up your words, or if the review talks about a date when your establishment was closed, be sure to state this very clearly. Within a few days, a response from the site will be emailed to you, and there is a good chance that your review has been removed.

10 Most Ridiculous TripAdvisor Reviews Of All Time

Source : Insuremy Holiday


TA Review 1

This hotel allegedly had an unwanted young guest!


TA Review 2

This restaurant apparently hasn’t gotten the memo about the importance of customer service!


TA Review 3

Some TripAdvisor users may have had to do a double-take on this one. (Midgets are small flies for anyone confused!)


TA Review 5

One of our favourites! In fairness the authorities at Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest peak should take this users's suggestion that the peak is too high.


TA Review 6

One of England’s most famous landmarks Stonehenge didn’t escape the disdain in this review from one visitor! (FYI historians estimate that Stonehenge was erected 600-1000 years before the pyramids).


TA Review 8

Abbey Road the famous site of the Beatles album cover, from a purely statistical standpoint, has far fewer Zebras than London Zoo!


TA Review 9

Another establishment missed the customer service memo! They deserve this review.


TA Review 10

A hotel in Lancashire wasn’t covered in glory in this review from a clearly disappointed customer!


TA Review 11

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s most famous landmark is apparently always covered in fog! Disingenuous tour operators strike again!


TA Review 12

This is a genuine review for none other than the Grand Canyon. One of nature’s most lauded landmarks < a DVD.

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